SCF Accomplishments:

No one wants to be a family requiring our assistance. Unfortunately this cannot always be helped and when we do help, the families really appreciate the care and consideration afforded them by the foundation along with the support from their community.

It is gratifying to know that while we assist those in need, we are also providing an avenue for people to memorialize and celebrate the lives of loved ones such as Kaylee Rivers, Tristin Hart, Mike Denaro, Tracy Ochs & John Economos. We like to think that we are helping to heal hearts as well!

• We pay various medical bills for families coping with illness and tragedy.
• We pay overdue mortgages, telephone, and other utilities, and car payments for numerous families dealing with the
loss of a job, illness, death of a primary caregiver, etc.
• We purchased a medical high chair for a special needs child after a fire destroyed hers.
• We sent the Byrne children who lost their father as he was killed crossing the street to camp and preschool.
• We sent a 5 year old to camp to help her deal with the death of her father to a brain tumor.
• We paid for someone’s oil boiler to be repaired, paid their service contract for a year, and filled their tank so they
wouldn’t have to worry about heat for the winter & continued to pay for their fuel for a year after.
• We chipped in for a portion of the cost of a non FDA approved surgery for a local teen with severe tourette’s
• We purchased a car for a family forced to a shelter so that they could pursue work and housing.
• We paid an overdue mortgage for a single mom whose teen son with Cerebral Palsy is trying to stay in their handi
capable home at least until he can receive his high school diploma.
• We paid for a Uhaul truck & gas card for a woman & her 4 children to escape an abusive relationship.
• We are paying for an emancipated minor to get her driving lessons and plan to assist her in getting a car & paying the insurance for the first year so that she can become more independent.
• We work with the Smithtown Fire Department identifying local families to adopt over the holidays.
• We work hand in hand with the school district social workers. As a result, we are suppling backpacks/school supplies,Thanksgiving baskets, and Holiday gift cards to almost 70 families in the school district.
• We have set up numerous scholarships within the school district each between $500-$1000 (cumulative total $7000
for 2013 class) to graduating seniors at both SHS East and West.
• We host several signature fundraisers throughout the year to pay for these scholarships and they allow us to be an
immediate resource for local families in need including the Friends Fore the Smithtown Community Golf Tournament
at The Hamlet, the Annual Holiday Breakfast/Boutique hosted by Maureen’s Kitchen, the Kisses for Kaylee Memorial
Dinner/Dance at The Watermill, Mike’s Hike 4k in memory of Mike Denaro in conjunction with Accompsett Elementary, and most recently this spring, together with the family and friends of Stefani Felber, we hosted the Smiles for Stefany 5K Run/Walk for a 4 year old girl with a brain tumor.
• Finally, we are proud to say that the Smithtown Children’s Foundation was awarded the LI Press, Fortune 52
Honorary Women of Excellence Award in 2010. For more info, please visit http://www.fortune52.com/about/ or

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